Bubbly time 2


This gift set contains 
- Italian Sparkling Wine 200mL
- Chocolate by Compartés / or Alicja Confections
- Candle 8 oz / or 13 oz

Without box option : Gift items will be sent with a paper bag.
With box option : Gift items will be wrapped nicely in a box as shown on the picture.

Candle scent
Tuileries Escapist Candle : Delicate floral notes of tuberose and muguet dance above a heart of jasmine and gardenia anchored by a heady base of amber woods.
The Florist Glass Candle : Bouquets of fragrance / Spring days / A meadow of wild flower
Top notes - apple blossom
Mid notes - lilac + rose
Base notes - jasmine + grass
The Garden Glass Candle : Handfuls of plump berries / 
Muddled mint leaves / A moment before harvest
Top notes - peppermint
Mid notes - elderberry + basil
Base notes - sage + earth
The Greenhouse Glass Candle : Dappled sunlight / Dew drops / A tangle of overgrown vines
Top notes - tomato leaf + coriander
Mid notes - galbanum + jasmine
Base notes - earth
The Professor Glass Candle : Cosy armchairs / Daydreams / A library of new ideas
Top notes - apple + bergamot
Mid notes - rose hip
Base notes - black tea
The Professor Glass Candle : Sweet sticky figs / Humid haze / A verdant oasis
Top notes - fig + peppermint
Mid notes - basil
Base notes - fig leaf

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