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About Us



We are romantics through and through. Our hearts are set aflutter when we share our world of enchantment, and to us, there is no better way to spread this joy than through giving. Because the only thing better than getting a gift is giving it. It’s our joie de vivre, our secret to a good life.

Our gifts inspire with wonderment and delight with charm, but it’s making people feel seen that is the true reward. Bring on the laughter, tears, cheek smiles, squeals of excitement, intense love, wide-eyed disbelief… and every other sensation under the sun, because we’re here for it.

Whether celebrating or sympathizing, pampering or appreciating, we understand how to wrap up how you’re feeling and deliver it to the deserving person to make their day quite extraordinary.

And the magic doesn’t end there. Each curated gift experience is hand wrapped with care and attention until it just radiates ooh la la. To us, it’s not just the thought that counts. Presentation really is everything.

So we invite you to bask in the warmth and happiness of our world. We promise you and yours will be tickled pink.